Pretty excited about a new Anthology I am in that was released yesterday

So over at Mythology Press which is the fantasy arm of Chris Kennedy Publishing, they had an open submission call.
I shrugged my shoulders and said why not.
Much to my surprise the editor picked my story.  We went through several iterations with each other and I think the final story is definitely worth the price of admission.  Oh also some really good authors are in there as well like Glen Cook.
Here is the link:

Let me know what you think.

January sure wasn’t what we expected

Still plugging along

I have signed up for a few authors sites as beta readers.  I am learning craft while I am still working on my books.  I feel it is something that I will never perfect since no one is ever perfect and that is especially true with creative works.  I am going to ship my first book and realize that I could have changed a few scenes to make it even better.  Hopefully I can take those and put them into the next book and make that better and so on and so forth.

They say that it gets easier the more books you write.  All I can say is that I sincerely hope so because this is a slog at the moment.

I had a great Career Author summit.  It was virtual due to Covid-19.  But it was probably a better experience since I didn’t have to go back to the hotel between sessions and I could join all of them.  My wife watched the kids and I got in 90 percent of the sessions.  It was awesome.  Learned a bunch and now I just got to put it into practice.  I am looking forward to when they lock down the next Career Author Summit.

A group of authors are getting together for an accountability group.  I joined in.  So far I have been far more productive than I have in most of April so that is good.  Just got to keep up the momentum.  Hopefully I can get these books out the door this year.

I have been reading Rick Paltrow’s Drop Trooper series:


Rick is usually hanging out on Keystroke Medium’s live streams and is a pretty cool guy.  The series is good too.  Those links are connected to my affiliate account but the books are good anyway you get them.


Amazing YouTube channels

So I like all things sci-fi and figured I would share a YouTube channel I use for some of my research while I am writing.  The creator is very knowledgeable and goes in depth into many topics.  The channel is Issac Arhtur’s Science and Futurism channel

Also if you haven’t checked out Scott Manley’s channel it has great things on all current metal going through our atmosphere into space.

Finally Sci Show Space has a great Channel that breaks down everything dealing with space.

Just some good places to start to learn more about space and futurology.