Not the progress I was hoping for

While I didn’t get as much time to finish my book as I had planned I did get 3711 out of 6K of my goal done for book 2 in January.

I have been reading Lucky’s Marines by Joshua James.  He is doing a great job of writing a page turner.  I got the box set for 99 cents and I have been reading them one right after another.  Here is a link and as of me publishing this it is still on discount.

It has me a little worried that all 6 books went for 99 cents since I am trying to sell my first for 3.99.  But I am sure they were released for higher.

I also like how he handles the AI talking directly into his mind.  My editor and I have gone back and forth on how to relate this in my manuscript.  I might change this to mimic Mr. James’ style.  It reads really well and you know who is talking right away.

I took another step back and looked at my outside of work projects and how I can finish them all up.  I think I am going to aim for May 1st.  I want to release it before the Career Author Summit.  Which is May 15th – 16th in Nashville.  I am going. I am pretty excited to learn a bunch from far more advanced authors than myself.

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