The writer’s Ink podcast

So I follow a few writing podcasts.  I know I should put them up on the writer resources page.

Here is a quick rundown:

The Writer’s Well
*The Career Author
The Creative  Penn Podcast
*The Writer’s Ink
*Keystroke Medium
Speculative Works Podcast
Ditch Diggers
*Stark Reflections
How do you write?
Story Grid Editors Round Table
Kobo Writing Life Podcast
*Writing Excuses
*6 Figure Authors
Create If Writing
I Should Be Writing
Helping Writers Become Authors
*The Sell More Book Show
Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast (defunct)
Book Launch Show
Baen Free Radio Hour Show

Well Crap.  That is a lot more podcasts than I thought I listened to.   An even 20.  A few I check the episodes before I listen.  Several are must listens.  I put a star next to the always listen.  The rest I check their topic and decide at that point.  I have 30 min commute to work so I get time in then and then also in the morning when exercising I listen to a podcast or two.

The reason for all this is that I wanted to talk about an episode of the Writer’s Ink.  Specifically the Josh Malerman episode 5.   He is a horror author that just had one of his books made into a movie.  He does a great job giving a back and forth wisdom dump with J the host.    One of the things that caught my ear in this was that he had a ton of books / manuscripts just laying around.  Basically he always keeps writing.

I think the trick here is just keep writing on everything.  If you are going to petition agents to entry into the Traditional Publishing world then you need to keep writing and working on your craft.  If you are going to release in indie publishing then you are going to need to keep writing and publishing craft.  Either way just like anything that requires work and effort the more work and effort you put into it the better you get.  Practice makes progress, but if you keep practicing you get closer to perfect each time.


I am up to 24K words on book 2 but I am still on chapter 7 for book 1 in revising.  Hopefully kicking it up a notch this next 2 weeks.

Well 6 months farther along

So I finished the Wholesale Slaughter series by Rick Partlow.  It was pretty good.  Reminiscent of BattleTech from back in the day.

I still haven’t finished revising Raising Aces.  I am on Chapter 7 and I probably have one more pass to go after I get through this one.  I have a target for Feb 1st to get it over to my editor for a final pass by him.  I also have time boxed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday lunches for revision.

On the other side of the coin, I have started writing book 2 again.  I finished about 10k words last year on it.  However the year before I did 88k words.  So clearly need to adjust my time to include writing.  I set up the same time I did in 2018 so hopefully I can get book 2 done and with some revision god luck out this year as well.

Catch you guys in 2 weeks.