Well 6 months farther along

So I finished the Wholesale Slaughter series by Rick Partlow.  It was pretty good.  Reminiscent of BattleTech from back in the day.

I still haven’t finished revising Raising Aces.  I am on Chapter 7 and I probably have one more pass to go after I get through this one.  I have a target for Feb 1st to get it over to my editor for a final pass by him.  I also have time boxed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday lunches for revision.

On the other side of the coin, I have started writing book 2 again.  I finished about 10k words last year on it.  However the year before I did 88k words.  So clearly need to adjust my time to include writing.  I set up the same time I did in 2018 so hopefully I can get book 2 done and with some revision god luck out this year as well.

Catch you guys in 2 weeks.

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