Raising ACEs is out

So pumped that it finally released.  Also I am super thankful to all my author friends who pimped it to their lists and Keystroke Medium for making me the sponsor of Monday’s show.

Two Years in the making and all of my knowledge of book writing:

Can three friends and an AI take over the world before the Empire comes back to subjugate them?

Almost 500 years ago, the Empire made an example of the planet Randver. They bombed all major population centers and left a fleet to ensure no one approached or left the planet. The Emperor declared the planet Quarantined for 500 years.

20 years ago, A dormant AI reactivated and started working on the infrastructure to repel the Empire when they returned. They couldn’t fight the Empire head to head, but they could start on the technology to fight the Empire ACE to ACE.

In a few days, Mikael, Dagny and Johan are going to graduate from the Randveri Military Academy and be given a choice.

Help the AI take over the world or let the Empire come back and take over.
Will they join with the AI? Will they succeed? Find out in the first of the ACE Cycle books: Raising ACEs.


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Check it out.  Several of my friends say they are already looking forward to the next one….Time to get back to the keyboard.

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